Get out of Teaching

Get Out of Teaching Podcast Season 6, Episode 7, Rosie Shilo (Founder Virtually Yours)

September 07, 2022 Elizabeth Diacos Season 6 Episode 7
Get out of Teaching
Get Out of Teaching Podcast Season 6, Episode 7, Rosie Shilo (Founder Virtually Yours)
Show Notes

Since creating this thriving and ever growing network for Virtual Assistants, Rosie Shilo has become one dedicated business woman. Currently Rosie owns and runs ‘Virtually Yours’, a network for over 190 Australian Virtual Assistants which she founded in 2004.

Rosie has mentored many new and experienced VAs in their business, and seen them overcome many hurdles to achieve amazing goals. This inspired her to write “VA VA Voom: How to become an amazing VA and every client’s most Valued Asset” which was published in May 2014 and has sold hundreds of copies to date. Since then she has also published ‘Reaching for the Stars: a woman’s guide to becoming a Stellar Virtual Assistant‘.

She has also launched her own VA podcast ‘Outsourcing Mysteries Exposed ‘ – check that out here!

On a personal note, Rosie is a dedicated mother to 2 little girls, Ruby (12) and Ella (7). Ruby certainly keeps Rosie on her toes with her adventurous mind and entertaining ways while Ella is learning all these tricks from her big sister. Rosie is thankful that she is able to run her businesses from home in order to be there for her family. She also has 2 gorgeous ‘fur babies’, Mango and Abbie, who like to share her office chair or lay at her feet as she works.

This passionate woman who has been described many times as ‘awesome’ is a true asset to the Virtual Assistant industry and her desire to see the industry grow and develop shines through in everything she does.

Aired on September 7th 2022
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