Get out of Teaching

Get Out of Teaching Podcast Season 6, Episode 6, Leslie Huffer (Digital Marketer, Hey Huffers)

August 31, 2022 Elizabeth Diacos Season 6 Episode 6
Get out of Teaching
Get Out of Teaching Podcast Season 6, Episode 6, Leslie Huffer (Digital Marketer, Hey Huffers)
Show Notes

Leslie Huffer was a Special Education teacher for 8.5 years. In that time, she got married and had a need for an additional income stream and creative outlet so she started blogging for businesses. She quickly realized how much more help business owners needed with their online to-do list so she started learning how to manage social media accounts, run digital ads, and much more, adding additional value to business owners and bringing in a significant income. Her husband even jumped in when he saw the financial and time freedom potential of this industry! 
After juggling teaching and running a business, she decided to take the leap to full-time self-employment and hasn't looked back! She currently runs her digital agency and has also started teaching others how to do the same- even those with no prior experience, through an online course and mentorships! 
In both her business and mentoring, she has found that her teaching background has helped tremendously. Too many teachers put themselves in a box thinking their skill sets can only be used in a traditional classroom, which couldn't be further from the truth! She loves helping people discover their true potential and create income from anywhere, whether they just want a profitable side hustle or they want to replace their income entirely!
Free download. It's all about transferable teaching skills to hopefully encourage teachers to see their skill sets in a new light!!

Aired on August 31th 2022
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