Get out of Teaching

Get Out of Teaching Podcast Season 6, Episode 3, Erin O' Donoghue (CEO, Coach, Educator & Founder Winanga-Li)

August 10, 2022 Elizabeth Diacos Season 6 Episode 3
Get out of Teaching
Get Out of Teaching Podcast Season 6, Episode 3, Erin O' Donoghue (CEO, Coach, Educator & Founder Winanga-Li)
Show Notes

Erin O’Donoghue is a proud Kamilaroi woman, who grew up in Rural Darling Downs in Queensland. She was adopted to her family in 1987 and is of Torres Strait Islander decent (her biologi[1]cal parents were white and TI). Her father, Phil Pinkney, is a Kamilaroi/Gamillaraay man who raised Erin through these Aboriginal values and customs. She identifies as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Erin’s employment started in 2009 where she worked as an Indigenous Sports and Recreation Officer in Mackay. Here she developed crime prevention and sporting based rehabilitation systems for the disengaged youth on Yuibera/Yuwi Country. In 2011, she started her study in Law and Education (specialising in Business and Literature), working for various law firms around Mackay and for the Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Legal Aid Service alongside their resident Barrister who is a Gubbi Gubbi man. She graduated in 2016, and decided to pursue high school teaching and has been working in the public and private sectors for the past 5 years. Erin is currently working at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre as a Literacy Teacher working predominately within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

“Working with so many Aboriginal children has always been a great experience; but it is upsetting that so many are incarcerated.”

To improve her and other colleagues’ practice, she has developed an Aboriginal Pedagogy for teaching and learning. “I’ve named the system ‘Winanga-Li’, which is a Kamilaroi word meaning ‘to hear’ and I’m hoping that by teaching this system to other teachers we can finally merge the “Murri World” with the “Western World” and achieve true reconciliation in our schools and communities.

From the creation of this program, Erin now offers Educational Consulting services to teachers, faculties and also schools and is currently working with the QCAA to embed Aboriginal Perspectives into the state-wide curriculum.

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Aired on August 10th 2022
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